Jenny Colquitt - Dirty Town

Recently crowned ‘best solo singer/songwriter’ at the Graham Steel Music Company Awards, Jenny Colquitt is preparing to release her latest single, Dirty Town, on 25th June 2021. The song explores the liberation of breaking out of the small-town mindset and leaving negativity and small-mindedness behind. It is being released ahead of Jenny’s debut studio album, which is anticipated to drop in Fall 2021. With a unique Folk/Rock sound influenced by female singer-songwriters and powerhouses such as Sandy Denny, Alanis Morrissette, Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Fleetwood Mac, this up-and-coming artist has already amassed over 1k followers on Twitch since January this year.


Dirty Town opens with a gorgeous twinkling piano playing a refrain that will repeat throughout the song. Colquitt’s voice is rich and full of so much: emotion, texture, power – you name it, it’s there. The song picks up at the first chorus with Colquitt launching into a delivery akin to a powerful cry. It’s difficult to categorise this song into any one genre: there are flashes of Americana and hints of folk, with storytelling that comes from deep within country music. It’s a tremendous showcase of Colquitt’s power and control, with soft verses and bold choruses. The first track from Colquitt’s upcoming debut album, Dirty Town is described by Colquitt herself as ‘an angry one’. She explains: “The whole track is a tribute to shouting from the rooftops and wanting to escape, be heard, and be taken seriously. (…) It was therapeutic to write and record!” 


DIRTY TOWN is available to pre-save here ahead of release on 25th June. Follow Jenny on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Twitch or visit her website.