Jess and the Bandits - White Christmas In Houston


Ahead of a full album release on 1st December, Jess and the Bandits have released an original holiday song, White Christmas in Houston.  Frontwoman and Texas native Jessica Clemmons formed her Bandits in 2012. With her big voice and warm personality, she felt an instant connection with the four Brits who made up her band and shared her love for authentic country music.


White Christmas In Houston opens with a sombre piano – and then it kicks off.  All of a sudden, the melancholy of the season is replaced with a big honky-tonk band and Clemmons’ warm, powerful voice.  It feels very rock n’ roll in the truest, most traditional sense.  This is certainly a dancing-around-the-Christmas-tree song, as Clemmons sings about praying and pleading for a snow-white Christmas in her native Texas. It’s a lovely look at the difference in culture between Clemmons and her Bandits, the rest of whom are British.


While she would typically record in Nashville or London, Clemmons worked with a team of people in Houston for this album. Where better to give these songs her own country twist than in her home state?!  She explains, “I absolutely love Christmas. I am a Christian so this record has a special meaning to me. But, it feels like a time of year where you can’t help but be happy. People seem friendlier. Generally the best of who we are comes out during the Christmas season.” 


WHITE CHRISTMAS IN HOUSTON is available now (stream here) ahead of a full festive album release on 1st December. Follow Jess and the Bandits on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.