Jesse Lopez - Way Past Words

Way Past Words is the forthcoming single from Mexican-Italian Californian singer-songwriter Jesse Lopez.


“The song hits really close to home for me. I was in love with my girl long before we had ever even kissed. I’m such a physical touch type of person, that sometimes expressing my love comes down to an intimate setting… ’cause I guess from my perspective, nothing says I love you like a little physical attention.”


Way Past Words is a beautiful tribute to the love of a lifetime, and it wouldn’t sound out of place on any country radio station.  The interplay between instruments is light and gentle with a traditional edge; it sounds like that feeling of loved-up and floating on air.  This song has been written with so much care and attention to detail.  Lopez has such a unique voice with so much emotion packed into every word.  This is a song anyone who’s ever been in love could relate to. Check out a little preview below.




A matador at heart with the soul of a romantic, Lopez’s fusion of rock and country combined with the flair of a Nashville songwriter is reminiscent of Kane Brown, Luke Combs and Eric Church. Stubborn for success, overcoming homelessness and alcoholism instilled a determination in Lopez that translates beautifully into his music.


WAY PAST WORDS is set for release on 28th August;you can pre-order it here. You can follow Jesse on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, or visit his website.