Joey Clarkson - December

Longtime Three Chords friend Joey Clarkson, who charted the top five on iTunes in July, has recorded her fourth and final single of 2020. December is an optimistic tribute to the year-end the nation is hoping for. In a twist on convention, the single will be preceded by the official music video, which includes home footage from an international cast.


The track, which features Canadian-born Clarkson and her husband Peter Dixon – a serving member of Her Majesty’s forces – is inspired by the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It pays tribute to an alternate reality in which everyone can travel home for the holidays. Clarkson states:


“‘December’ was written the day I came to terms with the fact that I would be unable to see my family this year, and that I would be unable to attend one of my best friend’s weddings. Rather than writing about this heartbreaking reality, I decided to approach this song from the perspective of what it would feel like if I were able to come home for the holidays.”


“We want to use videos of our friends, family, and listeners, holding up clearly written signs to their loved ones. We want this song, and it’s music video, to belong to everyone, not just us.” — Peter Dixon


December is infectious and uplifting – everything we needed for 2020’s holiday season. Clarkson’s voice is beautifully light and delicate – shades of Alison Krauss, even – but she’s certainly not lacking power.  It’s simple and reminiscent of Clarkson’s 2019 album of The Year That Never Happened, with her light and lilting Americana and airy soundscapes. The intricacy of the guitar adds whimsy and the harmonies bring warmth.  December is dreamy and soothing, Clarkson at her very best.



The music video for December is available to watch on YouTube now, ahead of the song’s official release across all digital and streaming platforms on 11th December 2020. Follow Joey on FacebookTwitterInstagram & YouTube.