Jonny Gray - Drifting In Motion

Creatively speaking, the pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns gave us all a chance to hit the reset button. For South London-based Jonny Gray, though, it was an ejector seat. After 4 years as a solo act on the London circuit, building up a following and regularly playing venues like The Troubadour & The Bedford, he was the victim of a cyber hack in 2020, and overnight, he lost all of the accounts and followers he’d spent years building up.


With everything else going on, it wasn’t the time to complain. But once the dust had settled, Jonny explained: “you realise that as an independent artist, any person that follows and supports you is someone that should be cherished.” Jonny decided not to jump straight back into social media and instead used it as a time to work on his craft. He ditched the laptops, recording equipment, plug-ins, and all other distractions. Everything was written with an acoustic guitar, pen and paper – no tricks.  Gray’s new single, Drifting In Motion, is the first step in that new direction and signifies an organic, warm & live approach once feared forgotten.


Drifting In Motion has distinctive shades of John Mayer in its guitar tone and intricacy, alongside a stunningly beachy vibe – a throwback to 311 (check them out here). It feels warm and fresh with an easy groove – something to connect to. With influences ranging from Springsteen to Vance to Young and Simon, Gray has taken his time away from social media and put it to good use, honing his craft and taking the first step in a brand new direction for his career.


Jonny will be playing solo at Hero Fest on September 4th, then with the Jonny Gray Trio at The Grey Lady, Tunbridge Wells September 17th. He’ll play solo again at The Bedford, Balham later in the year.


DRIFTING IN MOTION is available digitally from 25th August. Follow Jonny on Facebook & Instagram.