Leah Watts - Enough

This week sees the release of US-based Leah Watts’ new single, Enough.  British-born Watts has roots in Kansas City and recorded this single in Wellington, Kansas at Greenjeans Studios. The single is the second from the upcoming EP, Finding Home, which is set to be released in March.


Enough is raw and unapologetic. It’s a stunning celebration of self-worth. It is the very definition of a power ballad, with Watts’ naturally confident, powerful voice soaring through layers of vulnerability, balance and strength to finally conclude – I am enough.  The track opens with an intimate, acoustic melody and sense of warmth, but quickly builds a tale of struggle and uncertainty. Watts’ songwriting and delivery are masterful as the track builds in momentum, culminating in a raw, honest and empowering performance of acceptance.


ENOUGH will be available to stream and download on January 15th, 2021. Visit Leah’s website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can download her music on iTunes.