Louise Parker - Paradise (Reimagined)

Despite its challenges, 2020 was a great year for UK singer-songwriter Louise Parker. 2021 looks set to be more of the same, as she gears up to (re)release Paradise (Reimagined), just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Paradise (Reimagined) opens simply, with a piano and vocal. It’s not until a minute and a half in before the percussion and the rest of the instrumentation kicks in – along with the real power behind Parker’s voice.  There’s something so distinctive and identifiable about Louise Parker’s music – whether it’s her accent, which she doesn’t hide as she sings, or her smile and sheer joy, which is clear as day in every song.


This is the song’s third release – each one a little different – as Parker continues to tweak and perfect it. Originally released as an acoustic song, Parker explains how it has ‘transcended its original meaning and grown into something new’.  In it, she sings the story of blossoming romance, tinged with the insecurities of real life and the sadness of heartbreak.


It’s a lovely release for Louise – who, last year, charted in the top 5 in the iTunes country charts with multiple singles, including a collaboration with Joey Clarkson.


PARADISE (REIMAGINED) is available for pre-save here ahead of worldwide release on 12th February 2021. Follow Louise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.