Mike West - Mothman

The first time I heard this song, I was sat in a packed bar in Blackpool with Mike West on a stage across from me. Backed by fireworks outside and just his guitar inside, the biggest voice in the biz blew me away with this song – I knew I needed it for Outlaw Hour, and I knew I needed it on the blog.


The song tells the story of the Point Pleasant Mothman and is based on sightings in the late ’60s. As a live performance, the combination of mythology and doom were captured perfectly by West’s enormous voice and aggressive musicality. The recording of Mothman doesn’t disappoint. With a jaunty fiddle to juxtapose the song’s darkness, it has plenty of ‘traditional country’ in its sound. West’s vocal performance is dark and gritty; rough tones with an eerie sense of foreboding give the song a dangerous edge. As it kicks into a higher gear, we hear the genre-fusion West is famed for: blues and rock influences come to the fore with heavy drums, and by the song’s end, you’re left wondering: just what, exactly, has he seen?


With artwork from Liverpool artist Eaten Alive Illustrations and lettered by Robin Jones, “Mothman” is a celebration of Mike’s love for Universal Monsters, B Movies, and cryptids. The single is to be released exclusively on Bandcamp, with streaming service access coming a month later.  “This is to highlight the imbalance in the music industry and (celebrate) the platforms like BandCamp that support artists in a more fair and equal way,” West explains.


MOTHMAN will be available exclusively on BandCamp from 9th February, and on all streaming services from 9th March. You can follow Mike on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.