Mitchell Kersley - Home On The Highway

Cast aside what you thought you knew about classic country music and put on your toe-tapping shoes, because Mitchell Kersley is dropping a drive-by musical masterpiece. Born in the UK and inspired by legends Strait, Brooks, Whitley and Jones, Kersley released his debut EP after a trip to Nashville in 2018 and has recently signed a management deal with Chords Music Management. His new single, Home On The Highway, will be released on 19th November.


Well, I done found myself a new favourite song. Home On The Highway opens with the sound of a key in the ignition and it doesn’t take much to imagine a classic Mustang turning onto the highway. From the start, this song evokes images of a bygone, vintage cars and vinyl records era. Kersley’s unique spin on modern country music blends traditional influences with contemporary instrumentation to deliver a sound both classic and current at the same time. Kersley pays homage to the genre’s biggest names through his vocal performance: from the rich, low verses reminiscent of Johnny Cash to the silken mid-tones reminiscent of more modern heroes like Brett Young. Throughout, the single maintains a steady beat – like the engine ticking under the hood, perfect for the highway – with some absolutely dreamy pedal steel flourishes and a false ending, just to keep you guessing. This would be a fantastic song for the summer, but it’s just what I needed to brighten a long, cold winter.


HOME ON THE HIGHWAY is available for pre-save here ahead of release on 19th November. Follow Mitchell on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.