Nashvillains - There To Catch Me

Veterans of the music community in Nashville and beyond, band members Brett Boyett, Scott Lindsey and Troy Johnson make up Nashvillains, a three-piece supergroup with a combined portfolio of music for feature films, TV shows and major artists including Keith Urban, The Chicks, and James Taylor. In stark contrast to their summer country-rock anthem Who Don’t, today’s new release There To Catch Me is a deep, melancholy realisation of loss and pain.


There To Catch Me is a mournful retrospective. Anchored by gently-strummed guitar and lifted by a sparkling piano and maudlin strings, the Nashvillains’ third single is the perfect autumnal ballad. The soundscape builds throughout: from a bare, stripped-down landscape to a gut-wrenching crescendo, right in the eye of the storm. It sounds like the changing of the seasons: leaves turning and falling, cool nights drawing in, and blizzards enveloping all. Hauntingly bleak, it’s unlike any of the band’s previous releases.  The song is a story of loss: whether the loss of something or someone, it’s a story just about everyone can relate to.


The single reveals more of the upcoming album’s storyline. ‘Our album depicts the moment when the main character is dealing with losing the love of his life and the future that they longed for together,’ the band elaborates. The trio has also shot a cinematic video for the single, to be released in the coming months.


THERE TO CATCH ME is available to stream and download now on all major platforms. Follow Nashvillains on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit their website.