Northern Souvenirs - Next Stop EP

British country-pop duo Northern Souvenirs release their debut EP, Next Stop, on 29th January. Having received plenty of attention and radio play for their first two singles in 2020, Lisa MacGregor and Alex Varey have curated an EP to showcase their unique sound. With songwriting that captures wanderlust, whimsy and wistful homesickness, and a unique story of love without borders, this four-song collection is the perfect introduction to Lisa, Alex and their journey.


We’ve already reviewed the two middle tracks – My Page and Niagara Falling – so there’s not much more to say about those two tracks. The EP’s opener – Regent Street – boasts a traditional sound and an oft-heard story of love across distance. It also offers a taste of MacGregor and Varey’s unique lyrical style and perfectly matched harmonies – two things woven throughout all four tracks.


The EP maps a coming-of-age journey. Each track is said to mark a pitstop along the way – a new chapter in the story – with each fork in the road repurposed to galvanise faith and renew hope. That’s especially true with My Page serving as the ‘finding your tribe’ anthem and Niagara Falling telling the tale of finding the one.


The EP’s final track, Clocking Up Miles, closes the collection on a more sombre note. The song feels like the end of a chapter – the return leg of a journey, or perhaps just the farewell before setting off on a new adventure. Regardless, it’s a lovely way to end this chapter of Northern Souvenirs’ journey, and one final showcase of the duo’s harmonies.




NEXT STOP is available for pre-save here ahead of worldwide release on 29th January 2021. Follow Northern Souvenirs on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.