Phillipa Cookman - Greasy Mabel

Phillipa Cookman released Greasy Mabel back in August and it sat at #1 on the UK country iTunes charts for three days.  Before the end of the first bar, I can tell this is something special. By the midpoint of the song, it’s not hard to see why it held the top spot – it’s a stunning fusion of traditional country, Americana and old-school singer-songwriter, tied together with Cookman’s rich, powerful vocals.  Greasy Mabel tells the story of a trucker who falls in love with a waitress and plans their future. I can’t help but picture this playing out in a delightfully retro truck stop diner in a music video. It’s the kind of song that’ll lift you on your bad days and see you soar on the good.


Phillipa Cookman has been a professional musician for over a decade and has performed all over the world.  During lockdown, she spent her time recording an album of songs written by her late father, originally recorded and released back in the 1970s and 1980s.


GREASY MABEL is available to stream or download now. You can follow Phillipa on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, or visit her website.