Rae Sam - Shot Down

Born and raised in Wales, Rae Sam’s heritage and family predestined her flair for music. After learning three chords on the guitar, she wrote a song and performed it in churches at the age of nine. Growing older, she became deeply connected to the rawness of country music and its unique power to ‘hit the soul,’ accept brokenness and heal. April 23rd sees the release of her next single, Shot Down, an anthem to celebrate those who dare to dream.


“It’s now or never….…follow that passion that dared your heart to dream. Allow the possibility of it to come back to life. Don’t let anyone stop you.”    – Rae Sam.

I remember the moment that my dream was shot down. Unkind and mocking words scattered onto my field of dreams and over time, suddenly the dream began to die.


Shot Down opens with a bang – it’s big and bold, not unlike Keith Urban’s more recent hits. Rae has a unique vocal tone with a distinct Welsh twang. It’s not nearly as pronounced as Louise Parker’s accent but it’s there, particularly as she repeats the title throughout the chorus. This track is an enigma: there’s not a great deal that’s immediately identifiable as country, but somehow I wouldn’t classify it as anything else. It has elements of pop and funk with a full orchestra and the song is instantly and easily relatable. Empowering and anthemic, it’s poised to be a hit for the Welsh songstress regardless of its genre.


Rae’s debut album, THE GREAT ESCAPE, is available now. Follow Rae on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit her website.