Reya Jayne - Burn

After an almost year-long hiatus, self-styled ‘English rose with a Nashville sound’, Reya Jayne reignites her music with Burn. Reya has teamed up with fellow artist-turned-producer Izzie Naylor to further develop her unique fusion of country and synth-pop and bring a darker, more mature sound to her music. A much-anticipated follow-up to last summer’s iTunes Country top 25 hit How Good You Are, this single has already been played to acclaim on regional BBC Radio.


Burn is a contemporary mix of country and pop. Although the lyrical delivery isn’t the clearest, Reya’s voice is as beautiful as ever. The song opens with a lovely mix of electric and acoustic guitar before the synth kicks in. Reya has previously cited her influences to include Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini, and it’s evident in this song with shades of Love Story. Despite the drama, the song feels light – thanks in part to the mandolin twinkling away throughout. The synth drums work surprisingly well with plenty of space to breathe in the mix. Inspired by Netflix period drama ‘Bridgerton’, the song encapsulates the show’s drama in both the lyrics and production.


BURN is available for pre-save here. Send a screenshot of your pre-save or pre-order to Reya to enter into a merch giveaway! Follow Reya on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.