Reya Jayne - You Want Me

Doubling down on the new sound debuted in her last release, Reya Jayne is kicking off the countdown to her hotly anticipated debut EP with brand new single You Want Me.


You Want Me takes the airy, atmospheric synths of Burn and blends them with the girl-next-door banjo of Taylor Swift’s debut album. The result is an energetic, poppy sound with a distinctive country flavour. It’s a subgenre Reya has dubbed ‘neon country’, inspired by the likes of Rae Lynn and Kelsea Ballerini. Written to empower, the song’s lyrics see a young woman making the first move. It’s 2022 and there are no ‘aww, shucks’ wallflowers here! With empowerment at the forefront of this single, Reya hopes to inspire generations of young women the way she herself was inspired – by her greatest influence, Taylor Swift. In spite of the updated sonic identity, You Want Me is still true to Reya’s roots with its grounded sense of self-awareness and observational lyrics. A fresh sound, and surely a fan-favourite in the making.



YOU WANT ME is available to stream and download on 4th March 2022. Follow Reya on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.