Robbie Harte - Out Of The Blue

Based in New York, but originally hailing from Montreal, Canada, Robbie Harte’s unique style has been described by fans as ‘compelling’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘powerful’. As a youngster, Harte often dreamt of singing professionally, but put those dreams aside after an injury left her in chronic pain and unable to sing. Ultimately, though, it was music that helped her to heal. Harte credits music for ‘soothing her soul’ and giving her the strength and determination to endure. It gave her a voice – one she’s determined to use to uplift and inspire, motivated by the desire to show her young daughter (who has Autism) that disabilities should never stop you from chasing a dream.


Harte’s debut EP, I of the Storm, was released in late 2020. It features the singles I Of The Storm and You Don’t Belong Here, with Out Of The Blue taking its place as single #3 on 26th July.


Dripping with Americana and oozing summer vibes, Out Of The Blue will leave you with a breezy sense of peace. Harte’s voice is whiskey; smooth and smoky with a little dash of sugar, and its warmth lingers beyond the song’s end. Intricate guitars and melodic keys carry an uplifting melody. The song is an homage to some of the 1990s classics from Deana Carter et al, with an easy, uplifting sound and a voice you’ll never forget.


OUT OF THE BLUE will be available on all major platforms from 26th July. Follow Robbie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit her website.