Robbie Harte - Too Pretty To Be Home

Last month, New York-based artist Robbie Harte’s latest single, Too Pretty To Be Home went largely under the radar. But it’s an instant toe-tapper, with a smooth, vintage summer sound. Layer upon layer of guitar anchors an Eagles-esque sonic backdrop, atop which Harte’s rich, enthralling vocal sits.


You know when your plans are cancelled, and now you’re all dolled up with nowhere to go? That’s what this song was made for. It’s upbeat and a little cheeky – it’s a ‘put on your best dress and go out dancing’ kind of song. It’s immediately fun and familiar; energetic and catchy with the perfect amount of summer spice. It’s upbeat – but with a mellow and lazy groove. It’s not too much of anything – in fact, it’s just right.


TOO PRETTY TO BE HOME is available now. Follow Robbie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit her website.