Ryleigh Madison - Stranger

20th November sees the release of North Carolina-native Ryleigh Madison’s debut single, Stranger.  Madison is no stranger to a musical life, having performed at church since the age of three.  Stranger was written specifically for Madison by her uncle Dustin Chapman. It’s Chapman’s first cut as ‘just’ a songwriter, and he notes that he wanted to write a song everyone could connect with.


The track opens with a combination of guitar and hammond organ, giving the song an instant bluesy vibe. Madison’s vocal is youthful but powerful, far more mature than her fourteen years, and she grows into the song as it progresses. The lyrical content is mature but not out of reach for Madison. It’s a story of being ‘replaced’ in a loved one’s life, and it’s instantly and painfully relatable. Madison draws influence from both legends and modern superstars, citing Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Carrie Underwood as her inspirations. It’s evident in the way she effortlessly connects with the lyrics and blends contemporary and classic sounds to offer something truly unique. As a debut, Stranger is untouchable and promises only big things for this young artist’s future.




STRANGER drops on all major platforms on 20th November and is available for pre-save here. Follow Ryleigh on Facebook & Instagram.