Sam Lambeth - Nod My Head

Sam Lambeth always knew he’d return to Nod My Head. It’s one of the first songs he ever wrote and showed his first band, the first demo they recorded, and the song Lambeth chose to perform when he auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. That same year, when he was invited to sing in front of 25,000 football fans at Wolves’ Molineux Stadium, you can guess what song he decided to perform.


In 2020, Lambeth assembled a live band called The Four Chords, consisting of Cal Pascoe (bass), Zoe Brittle (keyboards), Sam Hunt (drums) and Bas (guitar). When perusing his back catalog for live material, he once again looked to Nod My Head and decided it was not only time to once again dust it off but to (finally) give it the treatment he’d always wanted.


Nod My Head explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Often a time of uncertainty, Lambeth highlights the struggle of childhood scrapes and reveals personal difficulties (“I had no Dad who would teach me how to fight”), before acknowledging and celebrating the healing power of music (“but that radio dial still makes me smile”). It’s painfully relatable, but so upbeat you can’t help but smile. Perhaps the musical equivalent of gallows humour – and it sounds great.


“I’ve always believed ‘Nod My Head’ to be my catchiest and most immediate song,” Lambeth says. When we recorded it back in 2009, we played it like a typical group of teenagers – fast, loose, and fuzzy. It was never how I wanted it, and (…) I didn’t know how to fully promote it either.”


Borrowing the acoustic creativity of Paul Simon and blending it with the stirring, soulful vocals of Van Morrison, Lambeth stirs the mix with a little upbeat, vintage rock – an homage to The Faces. The result is a stomping, bittersweet, doo-wop rocker with a classicist touch. In contrast to the reflective, pensive sound of his 2021 EP Love & ExileNod My Head encourages tapped toes and clicked fingers with just a hint of Lambeth’s signature introspection. Mandolin and harmonica seal the deal, giving the song a vintage Americana-rock edge that wouldn’t sound out of place in a ‘sounds of the ’70s’ collection or on today’s rock radio.


You can see Lambeth and the band at their headline gig at Deadwax in Birmingham on 18th March – and there are plans for plenty of new music throughout 2022. 


NOD MY HEAD is available to stream and download from 11th February. Follow Sam on Spotify, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.