Shadow Bones - 100 Years

UK Americana artist Luke Williams – better known as Shadow Bones – is releasing his new single ‘100 Years’ on Friday 26th November. After 20 years in the music industry as a songwriter, singer and band member, Williams built Shadow Bones from the catharsis of songwriting during lockdown. “Writing songs in lockdown was cathartic, a means of therapy,” he explains of his time spent reflecting. “It transported me back to a dark period of time I had left behind in the years of recovering when I was battling sobriety demons.” Having played to audiences of 30,000 and found international success, lockdown was a chance to slow down. It gave Williams the opportunity to reflect on his past accomplishments and former rock star lifestyle, and confront demons. The single will raise awareness of and funds for the charity Alcohol Change UK.


“The song is called ‘100 Years’ because no matter how many years go by, what has been said and done can never change, but the person that has said and done those things can change,” Williams explains of the new single. “It’s about changing your mindset to stop worrying about what could have been and start believing what life can be” 


100 Years is achingly beautiful – maudlin and appropriately sobering, showcasing Williams’ raw and rough vocal tone front and centre against a simple strummed guitar. A haunting cello line – provided by musician Harry Robinson – builds throughout the second verse before shining in a beautiful string solo. The song’s personal nature is evident in the song’s execution: Williams delivers an impassioned and vulnerable performance, having taken time to reflect. Now determined to inspire change, Williams is appreciative of what he has – and using his own story to inspire and encourage others. In addition to Alcohol Change UK, he is a passionate supporter of brands including ‘Rok Soba’ – destigmatising a lifestyle of sobriety.



100 YEARS is out on 26th November; pre-save it here. Find Williams’ Alcohol Change UK fundraising page here. Follow Shadow Bones on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.