Shannon Hynes - Hide

Shannon Hynes continues to explore her darker side with new single HideHide follows the tremendous success of Hynes’ previous single Standing Me Up, itself a departure from her signature ‘girl next door’ persona.


Hide is a sulky, somber ballad with a rich, bluesy sound. Produced by Jack Watson at Jack In The Box Studios, the song replicates the experience and the torrent of emotions stirred up when receiving cruelty and jealousy from another human being. Electric guitars, piano, and plenty of harmonies blend seamlessly to create a dark, sultry sense of building strength and power. There’s an edge of foreboding to the song – as though it’s the prelude to something even darker.


‘You wanna take me down, but I won’t sink down low’ sings Shannon. It wasn’t always that easy, though.


“It took me a while to write this song, as I didn’t feel the confidence within myself, that intimidation was still hiding beneath the surface. There came a turning point in which I literally found the words, along with that came a sense of strength and the fact that no-one can take me down.”



2021 has brought us an all-new Shannon Hynes – and she’s not to be messed with. Very much looking forward to a return to live music, Shannon will be playing her first full band, headline show on 21st May at ‘229 The Venue’.


HIDE will be available on all digital platforms Friday 21st May. Follow Shannon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit her website.