Shannon Hynes - Standing Me Up

#1 iTunes chart-topping Country artist Shannon Hynes is giving us a glimpse at her darker side as she prepares to release Standing Me Up on 26th February.


From the start, Standing Me Up has Shannon Hynes’ signature fiddle-heavy sound. The song has all the bite and sass of last year’s Country Words, but offers a peek at Hynes’ darker side.  Described as ‘more mature and unashamedly audacious’, the song sounds like a bluesy precursor to a good old-fashioned murder ballad. This is a new era for Shannon Hynes, and she is a woman who will no longer take your sh*t.


Having grown frustrated with aspects of life and relationships, Shannon explains: “I’ve just started writing without any filter. Standing Me Up is the first of a batch of new songs that have been bubbling away for a couple of years.”


This new, brash and shameless sound is still undeniably Hynes, but the evolution of her story and storytelling sees Shannon move away from the ‘girl next door’ persona and embrace the bold, fearless woman inside.  Shannon is optimistically looking forward to a return for live music in 2021, with a live show booked at 229 The Venue, 21st May as well as multiple live streams, including HotVox on the 12th April.


Produced with long-term music partner Jack Watson at Jack in the Box Studios, South West London, STANDING ME UP is available to pre-save here ahead of tomorrow’s release. Follow Shannon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Spotify.