Shannon Hynes - Woman's Scorn

Still fanning the flames from her last two singles, Shannon Hynes – no longer the girl next door – is unleashing her wrath. Hell hath no fury.


Third in a trio of fiery, feisty releases, Woman’s Scorn sees the exploration of the emotion that follows heartbreak.  ‘Anger always comes out in a song,’ Hynes explains. ‘You can play any character in a song.’ Once again flirting about the edges of rock and blues, Hynes puts her own twist on the classic country music trope of a woman wronged. Opening with a whimsical, toy-like effect to the production, the song lulls its listener into a sense of security until all guitars come out blazing. Hynes’ fire is ruthless; you can almost hear the maniacal laughter as she powers through the final chorus. One thing’s for sure: woe betide anyone who crosses Shannon Hynes.


WOMAN SCORNED is available on all digital platforms from 26th November. Pre-save it here. Follow Shannon on FacebookTwitterInstagram.