Stevie Daniels - Western Outlaw



Today marks the release of Stevie Daniels’s second single, Western Outlaws. This is the first single from Daniels’ upcoming EP Quickdraw, and it’s a welcome return to his signature style following his debut.


Immediately, Western Outlaws’ sound is much improved over Daniels’ debut single. Despite the intentionally under-produced sound, there’s a stunning clarity in both the vocal and instrumentation. The 70s-inspired guitar stabs are somehow warm and melancholic, and Daniels’ vocal delivery is both raw and refined. This is a fantastic sample of Daniels’ talent as a songwriter. Western Outlaws is reminiscent of Mark Lanegan and Nick Cave, with some Knopfler vibes in the guitar work. Ultimately, though, it’s uniquely Stevie Daniels, and this is the track I’ve been waiting for.


WESTERN OUTLAWS is available to stream and download on all major platforms. Follow Stevie on Facebook & Twitter.