Teagan Stewart - Taste of My Heartbreak EP


This review has been a long time in the making. Last month, we featured Teagan as an interviewee and in our #whatmadeyoucountry series and now I’m so excited to finally share a review of her EP, Taste Of My Heartbreak.  Teagan explains the backstory of this intensely personal project:


 I designed it to mimic the emotional arc of my breakup. You begin with the title track (out now), where the initial shock of the break up makes you feel all kinds of things, like edgy, playful, petty, and a little angry. Then you move through all these different stages – denial, loneliness, newfound freedom, recklessness, etc.


The six-song collection features four songs written solely by Stewart. It opens with the title track which was released as the lead single back in August. It’s gorgeous – it perfectly showcases Teagan’s bluesy, powerhouse vocals, with shades of Colbie Caillat and Gone West. It gives a taste not only of Stewart’s heartbreak but of a unique, almost beachy vibe that carries through the whole EP. I’ve had it on repeat ever since it landed in my inbox.


Date A Musician is next, and this one opens with a sultry, sexy guitar to double down on the blues-country influence. The guitar drives this song, lazy and loud – the soundscape feels almost uncomfortably hot – like a day that’s so hot it’s suffocating.


After a bluesy start, Sad Songs is a ballad with some lovely traditional folk-country flourishes.  It shows us a different side to Stewart – the delicate touch in her vocals and the depth of emotion she can pack into each word.


Your Personality Sucks is a return to a more upbeat sound – and this is quintessential country.  Everything about it is stunningly traditional in sound, and once again Stewart proves she’s no shy, retiring wallflower as she calls out the cause of her heartbreak.


Homebody is the penultimate track. It maintains the traditional country edge of the previous song and fuses it with a little blues and a whole lot of rock and roll. This is Stewart’s proud-to-be-single festival anthem.


The EP closes with Good Intentions, which opens with an emotive vocal performance and a simple piano, before picking up strings.  This is the heartbreaker of the collection – through a masterful vocal performance, all of Stewart’s pain hits hard in this one song.


This is a stunningly cohesive heartbreak collection. From the painful ballads to the I’m over you showstoppers, there’s nothing I wouldn’t play on repeat. Each track brings something new, sonically speaking, but listen to the EP as a whole and it’s a journey. The EP was recorded in early 2020 at Hey World Productions with Sean Rogers in Nashville, TN. Rogers has worked extensively with both upcoming and established artists, including Chase Matthew, Dylan Wolfe,  Eric Church and Dierks Bentley.


With touring plans on hold due to COVID-19, Stewart hosted a weekly live stream concert for two months and logged more than 15 hours of live music content with a loyal audience.


TASTE OF MY HEARTBREAK is available to stream and download from 23rd October. Pre-save the EP here. Follow Teagan on FacebookTwitter & Instagram, or visit her website.