The Imaginaries - Revival

Monday, 22nd February will see Oklahoman husband-and-wife duo, The Imaginaries, release their new single Revival to Americana, AAA, and college radio. Revival is the lead single from the upcoming debut album, due 26th March.


Revival is a spiritual, swampy roots song about finding hope and salvation, and it came to be as a merging of three separate song ideas. Maggie McClure, one half of The Imaginaries, explains: “our faith certainly has an impact on our lives and therefore our songwriting, so the themes of the song are complete with biblical references from ‘not storing up treasures on earth’ to the warnings of ‘the love of money’ with an adventurous undertone of spreading the good news.”


It’s upbeat and bluesy with smart lyrics and smarter composition. Sonically, there are shades of The Civil Wars, with perfectly matched harmonies and exquisite chemistry. The song was built to be performed – live, on a stage, with an audience enchanted by smooth vocals and the anthemic call-and-answer of the chorus.  The accompanying video/short film has received a lot of attention on the film festival circuit with its O Brother, Where Art Thou? meets Bonnie and Clyde theme.


REVIVAL is available to stream now, ahead of the full album release in March 2021. Follow The Imaginaries on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Spotify, or visit their website.