The Rising - Break The Chains

Northern Irish duo and longtime friends of The Chords, The Rising, are releasing the third single from their upcoming EP on 23rd July. Break The Chains draws heavily on the influences of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and the duo’s namesake, Bruce Springsteen.



Break The Chains is The Rising’s most socially aware/political song to date. Inspired by a long list of protest songs and the news articles of 2020 and 2021, the duo felt compelled to respond in song with a call to arms to humankind.  The drums are simple, but crisp and clean and very prominent in the mix – they drive the track forward with determination. Sonically, the single is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Paramore. It’s bold and heavily guitar-driven, with a powerful and dynamic vocal performance from Chantelle. The more aggressive and edgier sound matches the single’s heavier subject matter, with lyrics including ‘this nightmare will last forever until we break’ – referencing the chains that must be broken and history which must stop repeating.



BREAK THE CHAINS is available on all major platforms from 23rd July 2021. Follow The Rising on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, or visit their website.