The Rising - Bruise You Left

Moving forward with their regular release schedule, Northern Irish duo The Rising will this week release Bruise You Left, the second single from their upcoming EP ‘No Hope Without Love’.


Bruise You Left is a tremendous showcase for the power behind Chantelle’s voice. Pairing dark stories with upbeat music has become something of a trademark for The Rising, and this song is no exception. The song explores the pain caused by the end of a long-term relationship and the emotional struggle of broken promises. The duo spent time experimenting with sonic textures throughout the writing and production of this track, particularly in the percussion elements. Pinned against the live drum kit is a series of drum loops that were made by cutting, processing, and reversing percussion sounds to create new and interesting textures. With their unique signature of treating the studio itself as an additional instrument, The Rising have sped ahead in a sonic lane of their own, effortlessly blending new and unique styles with modern trends to create their own kind of country music.


BRUISE YOU LEFT is available on all major platforms from 4th June 2021. Follow The Rising on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, or visit their website.