The Rising - When You Were Mine

In their first release of 2022, Chantelle and Chris of The Rising take us back in time to the early 2000s. When You Were Mine blends alt-rock guitar with the duo’s typically brutally honest storytelling – this time, the cautionary tale of how a one-night stand with a friend can change everything. It’s the first single from the upcoming full-length album – a Kickstarter campaign success due for release in a vinyl boxset later this year.


Known for allowing their stories to dictate their music – as opposed to making their music fit their genre – the duo surprise and delight with this pop/rock revival offering. Riding the waves of the genre’s comeback success, Chantelle’s powerful vocals soar and Chris’s guitars wail with the excitement, danger, and ultimate loss following the events of a rowdy night. It doesn’t necessarily sound like country music – but the songwriting is firmly anchored in the duo’s roots. Regardless of the genre they explore, Chantelle and Chris always offer insightful, honest and delightfully specific storytelling to set the scene. As the song opens you’re immediately transported to that attic room with all the sounds and textures bleeding through the music.


Fiercely proud of their DIY-artist status, Chris and Chantelle recorded, produced, and mixed the single themselves from their own recording studio in Northern Ireland. Drums were outsourced to Nashville, and mastering was completed by Pete Maher (U2, Rolling Stones, Snow Patrol).


WHEN YOU WERE MINE is available to stream and download from all major outlets on 20th May. Follow The Rising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.