The Weeping Willows - Wheels Won't Roll


Melbourne Alt-Country duo The Weeping Willows offer up a balm for troubled times with their glorious new single Wheels Won’t Roll. The Weeping Willows – known separately as Laura and Andy – are a pair of old souls with a folk-storytelling prowess.


Wheels Won’t Roll is a beautifully classic folk-country song.  It’s full of rich vocal harmonies and intricate fingerpicked guitar.  The song is ‘a reflection on the inertia and malaise that plagues us all sometimes’ – and it’s a captivating taste of what’s to come in this duo’s forthcoming album.  It’s warm, sympathetic and uplifting; proof that music is the most potent kind of medicine. This is a triumphant celebration of their timeless Americana roots.



WHEELS WON’T ROLL is available to stream and download now, ahead of the third album due in early 2021. You can follow The Weeping Willows on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, or visit their website.