Together Country - I Won't Forget To Miss You

Together Country – a collection of unsigned artists, led by a collaboration between Scarlet River Management and Country Chat with Dom, have announced their heartfelt Christmas release.  I Won’t Forget To Miss You, released on 27th November, is an original single, written by Tyler Spicer.  All proceeds from the release are being donated to the MIND mental health charity.


In the year that no one saw coming, record numbers of people have lost their jobs, lost friends, family members and loved ones, and seen their mental health take a beating like never before.  Dom, founder of Country Chat says,

“Being in lockdown, not being able to see the ones I love, and having to quit my job due to the pandemic, this year has had a huge toll on my mental health which I know is affecting many others throughout the world. I dreamed of creating a single of a few artists that I’ve got to know very well throughout this period of time and with the immense help of Rachel and Tyler, a dream is now a reality.”


Rachel, founder of Scarlet River Management says,

“This year has been an incredibly difficult year in many respects for me. I have had a lot of personal challenges as well as changes to my work situation. However, it has also been a time to reflect and I have made new friendships and relationships with people that are now an integral part of my life.”


I Won’t Forget To Miss You is a beautiful ballad showcasing the heartfelt lyrics of Tyler Spicer, the vocals of Daniel Borge, Kyle Elliott, Bob Fitzgerald, Brittany McLamb, Emma Moore, Georgia Nevada, Emilia Quinn and Charlotte Young, and the heart, soul and passion of everyone involved.  A mammoth task to coordinate, with artists contributing from all over the world, Sellick and Crooke have done a stunning job of bringing a little light and togetherness into a dark, lonely holiday season.  Written by Spicer, the song encapsulates the global and universal sentiments that we’ve all felt during this pandemic: those of missing family, those of separation from loved ones, and those of trying to find a sense of normality in the face of mass change. He explains,

I hope this single can bring together our collective experience for both positive, active change, and to heal and unify us all, wherever we are, no matter how far apart, this Christmas.


I WON’T FORGET TO MISS YOU is available for pre-order now ahead of release on 27th November. Follow Scarlet River Management, Country Chat and songwriter Tyler Spicer, as well as artists Daniel Borge, Kyle Elliott, Bob Fitzgerald, Brittany McLamb, Emma Moore, Georgia Nevada, Emilia Quinn & Charlotte Young.