Tommy Atkins - It Took A Woman

Hailing from the picturesque villages of England’s rural northeast, Tommy Atkins has spent the last two years making country music history. With chart-topping singles in the UK, New Zealand and Canada, as well as the first UK/Europe country radio hit to feature openly gay lyrics, ITV National Diversity Awards nominee Atkins is a passionate advocate for diversity in country music and beyond. Now, Atkins is set to celebrate Pride Month with his new single It Took A Woman, featuring ground-breaking artist, Apple Radio host and BIPOC advocate, Rissi Palmer.


“This song is a love letter to my husband’s grandmother, who raised him. It’s a love letter to all parents who treat their LGBTQ+ children with love and respect. We haven’t seen much representation of that over the years, so I think it’s important we celebrate that progress this Pride Month.”


Of his collaboration with Palmer, Atkins notes: “I’ve been a fan of Rissi’s music for 14 years. Her advocacy for BIPOC country artists has made her a role model, and this song has made her a friend.”


It Took A Woman is tender and touching; truly a love letter. The little details within the lyrics make the song so personal, and the harmonies lift a gentle melody. This song shows us a side of Atkins we haven’t yet seen. It’s delicate, like Kiss Me Cowboy, and it paints a vivid picture, like Stuck Behind A Tractor and Cinderella’s Had A Drink. The melody is expertly crafted, much like Atkins’ reworking of Freedom – but despite all of those similarities, this song is truly unique. There’s an ache right from the start in the wistful vocal performance, and a longing in the way the melody floats but never quite soars. Palmer’s performance is subtle and understated, providing an elegant addition without distraction.


Pride Month also sees the return of Proud to Be Country on ARC Radio. Founded and hosted by Atkins, 100% of the main artists played identify as LGBTQ+ and span across the country, roots, and Americana genres. The second season will air on ARC Radio throughout June and includes special guests D’orjay the Singing Shaman, Jake Blount, and Phillipa Cookman.


IT TOOK A WOMAN is released on 2nd June 2021 and will feature on Tommy’s debut album, out this summer.  Visit to pre-order the album now. Follow Tommy on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. For more about Rissi Palmer, visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.