Tu-kay & Ryan - Stormbound

Aptly enough for a weekend filled with weather alerts and storm warnings, Northamptonshire duo Tu-kay & Ryan are set to release their latest single, Stormbound, on 18th June. The duo – an alt-folk/Americana/roots outfit – have received airplay on local and regional BBC stations as well as playlist spots on ARC Radio.


We can choose to embrace the challenges we face in life, and ultimately ‘take a walk into the sun’.


Stormbound falls squarely on the folk side of the fence. Known for lush harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, the duo deliver in this single as in their previous releases: the music is gently rousing with rich vocal performances. It sounds like the river in the lyrics: never quite surging or reaching a crescendo, but always flowing. A metaphor for day-to-day struggles, the song references nature in ways that represent a deep connection with the earth as well as an awareness of obstacles, change, and the will to overcome.


STORMBOUND is available to pre-save here. Follow Tu-kay & Ryan on Facebook & Instagram.