Vicki Manser - Fly

Whether in a theatre or a dive bar, Vicki Manser can usually be found on the stage. A known name in musical theatre, she has performed in London’s West End and around the UK in touring productions – and can be found later this year performing at the UK’s Buckle and Boots festival.


Her debut single Pick Me Up went to #1 on the UK iTunes country music charts, and the following four singles produced three more chart-toppers. Her latest single, Fly, looks set to continue the trend with its slick, bright production by Tim Prottey-Jones. The song itself is rock-inspired with wailing guitars and plenty of groove. Manser’s theatrical pedigree shows itself with exceptional enunciation and vocal control: every word is crystal clear and her vocal flourishes are stellar. Written for the summer, Manser says, Fly is an empowering anthem about breaking rules and living your best life.


‘I think there are certain expectations and checkpoints in life society has drummed into us that we need to fulfil and Fly is all about saying no and doing things YOUR way.’ – Vicki Manser


FLY is released on 27th May – pre-save it here. Follow Vicki on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.