Vicki Manser - Psycho

5th March sees the release of Vicki Manser’s single Psycho. Co-written with fellow UK country artist and UKCMSA male artist of the year Jake Morrell, the track explores the dangers of a bad-boy reputation and the disappointment of being sucked in only to find out you should’ve stayed well away.


Psycho opens with a clean-toned electric guitar and picks up pace during the first verse. The song grows as it progresses – from hopeful to acceptance to anger. At the start of the song, everything is clean and crisp; by the end, it’s layered with staccato stabs and wailing licks, mirroring the journey. Manser’s vocal delivery moves smoothly from uncertain to assured – a nod to her acting background and remarkable ability to identify and embody characters.


A video for this song is set to be released on March 12th. A video within a video, it’s shot in a studio and depicts the team shooting a video under the watchful eye of a strong ‘presence’ – a character previously seen in Manser’s last music video Love Me Like The Movies. This video is a sequel to the last, which showed the ‘honeymoon’ stage of the relationship, whereas Psycho shows things have turned sour.



PSYCHO is available for pre-save now ahead of global release on 5th March 2021. Follow Vicki on Instagram and Twitter.