LISTEN - Weekly playlist @ 3C


So, the votes are in and the winning playlist is FIRE!


This is a pretty simple playlist to start off with and it’s not terribly deep – the theme is very transparent, so there’s not a great deal to say! My highlights on this particular list are House Fire by Tyler Childers, which has quite a unique vibe to it; Fire by Brett Eldredge which is one of my favourites from him and was an absolute treat to see live, and of course – Ring of Fire by the inimitable Johnny Cash.  What are your highlights on this one – and what would you have added if you’d put it together yourself?



We’ve some exciting things coming up, including some conversations with some of the biggest names in the British country music scene, so stick with us to find out more.  In the meantime, start the coming week with a bang with the Fire playlist.  Submit your own suggestions here and stay tuned later in the week for another poll to vote for next week’s playlist!