weekly playlist 10 - best of british 2.0


Well, it’s time for another playlist and you have well and truly SPOKEN – by an overwhelming majority, you voted for Best of British 2.0! The first Best of British playlist was so much fun to make – there is so much talent here! – I just had to make a second.  Maybe I’ll make a third, too.


Anyway – let’s get into the highlights because there are PLENTY.  You might even recognise a few of these from our reviews over the last few weeks.  But if I had to pick three of these to highlight above the rest – three that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with – it’s That Guy by Becky Lawrence, Blown Away by Charlotte Young and Light of my Life by Motel Sundown.


That Guy is so much fun – I’ve found it’s the perfect soundtrack to almost everything.  Cooking? Check. Driving? Absolutely. Sitting in the sun with a glass of gin? Oh, DEFINITELY. Becky has such a unique voice and I’m pretty much convinced that she could sing anything and make it sound good.


Blown Away is one of my biggest regrets – I regret that I didn’t listen to it sooner! Charlotte’s whole EP is truly outstanding, but between this title track and my other favourite, Whiplash, I could drive for miles with just these two on a loop.  Charlotte’s voice – lyrically and vocally – is so mature and vulnerable, and she’s got a great ear for an earworm, too.


And Light of my Life – what can I say?! I adored this one from the very start. I was swooning by the end of the first bar, and those harmonies are to die for.


There’ll definitely be a volume 3 coming your way.  Until then, though – drop me a comment or catch me on our social media and let me know YOUR highlights!