It’s time for weekly playlist #12: ROCK ME!


weekly playlist 12 - rock me


This is the rockier side of country music.  It’s a little bit dirtier, a little bit heavier, and a whole lot of fun.  I could list every song as a highlight because this is my kind of playlist – but let’s just stick to our usual three.


Second One To Know by Chris Stapleton was an absolute revelation. It was the first song I heard by Stapleton and I knew immediately I needed more. It’s a great driving song, it’s a great drinking song, it’s super catchy – can you ask for anything more?!


Back Home by The Cadillac Three is another highlight. I adore TC3 and have since they released their first album – they’re one of those rare bands who I truly think they get better with age.  Each album has been better than the last; their sound is so unique and again – this is perfect summer road trip music.  Back Home has a great beat.


Let The Moonshine has to be the third highlight – again, this is another first for me.  I discovered this by clicking recommended links on YouTube one day; I’d never even heard of Luke Combs before.  Nowadays, obviously, his name is synonymous with country music, but at the time this was something new, rocky and a little bit sexy in a sea of bro-country and breakup ballads – and I’m still loving it even now.



So, those are my highlights – how about yours? What songs would you have included? Catch me on our social media channels and let me know! Don’t forget to suggest your theme for future playlists!