Weekly playlist 16 - covered vol 2


The people (that’s you, by the way) have spoken once again, and this week’s playlist is COVERED VOL.2! I’m an absolute sucker for a good cover – I just love to hear different interpretations and reimaginings. Left to my own devices I’m sure I could have another twenty volumes of this for you. In fact, maybe that’s what I’ll do!


Every week I have three highlights for you, and this week’s are wild.  First up: Freedom by Tommy Atkins.  Tommy is a longtime friend of Three Chords – you might remember he joined us for #WMYC a little while ago – but when he sent me this song, I was absolutely blown away.  In fact, I started this second covers playlist just for Tommy and this song!


My second highlight of this list is We Were Us by Julia Sheer and RUNAGROUND.  This was actually the first time I ever heard the song – fun fact for you all.  I’ve followed Julia’s career for such a long time now – probably a decade or more, which is a pretty terrifying thought, but she has the most stunning voice and I’m always so excited to listen to absolutely everything she releases.


My final highlight – and it’s been pretty tough to narrow it down – has to be Enter Sandman.  It’s such an outrageous song to cover, particularly in a country style, but Sons of Daughters did that – and it’s absolutely fantastic.



Since this is our second round of covers, we’ve combined both playlists into one MEGA PLAYLIST right here – don’t forget to follow this one to see our updates when we release volume 3!


As always, I love to hear your thoughts.  Let me know what songs you would’ve added, and let me know YOUR highlights from this list! Find me on social media and leave a comment somewhere.  You can also suggest your own themes for a future playlist here!