Listen - weekly playlist @ 3C


This week’s votes are in and the winner is SMALL TOWN ROOTS!


I’m very excited to share this playlist because it has some of my absolute favourites on it – it was also the playlist I made which got me thinking about starting this site, so it’s a bit of a special one.  This one runs a little deeper than last week’s; the theme ‘small-town roots’ is a pretty common one throughout country music, but in this playlist I wanted to specifically explore themes of the slower pace of life and the roots people set down in small towns.


Towards the middle of the playlist there’s an interlude with both My Oh My (The Wreckers) and I Ain’t In Checotah Anymore (Carrie Underwood) where we see the effects of leaving a small town, but as the playlist winds up we’re back in those muddy boots on dirt roads again.


My highlights on this week’s playlists are Another Sunday In The South by Miranda Lambert, Illinois by Brett Eldredge and of course, the inspiration behind the whole list, Meanwhile Back at Mama’s by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill.  I’m a sucker for those slow slide-guitar melodies that sound like a hot afternoon on a back porch.



I hope you enjoy this one as we head into week whatever-it-is of lockdown – stay tuned next week for some more polls, more conversations and more about what made you country!  Don’t forget, you can submit your own theme suggestions here.