weekly playlist #20: not quite country


You left us in a tie, so we took to Twitter to break it – and our 20th weekly playlist is not quite country!


First of all, let me say there are HUNDREDS of songs I could have – and wanted to – include on here.  Secondly, if you follow Three Chords on Twitter, you’ll know this is a question I ask and conversation I have regularly with people all around the music industry: what makes something country? Conversely, what makes something ‘not country enough’?  How do you define the genre, and where do the borders lie? So, with that said, take the playlist title with a pinch of salt.  This is a playlist full of music (predominantly) from other genres, which have a country feel to them.  It’s a little bit eclectic.  Shout out to Three Chords playlist coordinator Danny for the idea and a lot of the playlist content!


My highlights this week are LodiLet’s Roc and One Of These Nights. 


Lodi is one of those songs that’s perfect for any occasion.  CCR is one of those bands that’s hard to pigeonhole – are they rock? Are they country? Who knows!


Let’s Roc is a song Danny introduced me to fairly early on in our relationship, and we lovingly refer to it as our song – it’s not uncommon for us to duet on our very own rendition from time to time. I do hope the neighbours don’t mind.


As for One Of These Nights – The Eagles are another band who are impossible to pigeonhole.  I grew up listening to their music, thanks to my mum being a huge fan – and that bass at the start always gives me fuzzy feelings in my belly.




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