weekly playlist #21: hotter when the sun goes down


The weather has taken a turn over the last week or two so it’s hardly surprising we’re all desperate for summer to come back – and that you chose hotter when the sun goes down for this week’s playlist! I tried to capture the discomfort of a too-hot summer evening with this one – heavy guitars, downtempo beats – songs that keep it low and slow.  And believe me, I had a lot to choose from.


This week’s first highlight is from one of our oldest friends, Emma Moore.  You might remember we interviewed Emma back in the early days of Three Chords! Well, when I first started to put this playlist together, I listened to Good Girl and I just knew immediately it was a perfect fit.


My second highlight is We Were Young by The Brae. The Brae – a duo from Hampshire, England – have created such an ominous, unique vibe within this song. When they first sent it to me, it left me absolutely speechless. It’s a song that leaves such a strong impression!


The final highlight of the week goes to Sunrise in Texas.  Blackberry Smoke is a band I don’t talk about nearly enough. Sunrise in Texas is just a slow, easy, languid song for the end of a too-hot day.



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And there you have it! I always love to hear your thoughts on these weekly playlists, so please get in touch! You can find me on social media or just leave a comment here.  Let me know what I could’ve included (some ideas for next time?!), and let me know YOUR highlights from this week’s playlist! You can also suggest your own themes for a future playlist here.