weekly playlist 23: ladies in the 90s

It’s time for a little throwback this week, because our weekly playlist is ladies in the 90s! I’m so thrilled to celebrate these incredible women – the women who followed in the footsteps of Patsy, Reba and Dolly, and who paved the way for Kelsea, Maren and Carrie. Put on your gladrags, friends, because it’s time to party.


Highlights for this week’s playlist are almost impossible to choose. But since it’s tradition, I’ll do my best.


This Kiss is one of the first country songs I remember hearing – it got a lot of play on my dad’s favourite radio station, and it became something I’d sing along to without fail. Come On Over has to be my second highlight, because Shania was my gateway into country music. There were a hundred of her songs I could have chosen, but this one just feels so good.


My final highlight is Tonight The Heartache’s On Me.  The Chicks have always been a true love of mine, and although this isn’t my favourite Chicks song, it just feels synonymous with the 1990s and the strong, powerful, take-no-bull ladies who dominated the country music scene.


Listen to the full playlist here.


The 90s was a golden era for girl power, not just in country music but in music the world over. What are your favourite 90s tunes? What are your highlights from my list? Get in touch and let me know!