Weekly Playlist 25: miss independent


There’s nothing I love more than a celebration of girl power – especially when it manifests as women celebrating women. So I’m SO excited that you’ve chosen miss independent as our 25th weekly playlist! This has been so much fun to put together.


The one thing I really wanted to focus on in this collection was lyrical content. I wanted these songs to reflect a celebration of self and a true sense of empowerment, as opposed to being “yay women, boo men”.  This is a playlist I truly adore, and one I’ve listened to myself on repeat, just because these fantastic women have empowered me. I hope they empower you too.


Let’s talk about highlights.  I want to single out Miss Me More because it could so easily be a ‘better without you’ anthem – but it’s so much more than that. It’s a true celebration of being unapologetically you – and changing for absolutely no one.


Ladies In The 90s is a modern classic. It’s everything you want in a song about women – it’s got that perfect singalong chorus, it’s got lipstick and high heels, and it’s about women empowering women.


My final highlight this week is My Hallelujah Song because it’s such an exuberant, unabashed celebration of being exactly who and where you are.


Check out the full playlist here.


Over to you! What are YOUR favourite empowerment anthems? What are your highlights from my playlist this week? I always love to hear from you, so get in touch and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget, you can always suggest your own playlist themes here!