Weekly Playlist #33: girls who rock
Girls Who Rock: Emilia Quinn @ Unsigned, Unleashed August 2020


I tried something a little bit different this week and posted the poll on Twitter instead of the blog. It seemed to work pretty well – at least, we had an overwhelming win for girls who rock – so without further ado, let’s have a playlist!


This playlist was inspired by my first highlight, Outlaw.  This song made its way into my heart the first time I heard it. Emilia Quinn has been one of my favourite songwriters this year. She has such a unique storytelling style and unmatched vocal power.  Her stage presence is absolutely phenomenal, too, even over a live stream – if you haven’t caught one of her online gigs yet, I highly recommend that you do!


Highlight #2 has to be Homebody. I’ve been listening to Teagan Stewart on repeat since she released Taste Of My Heartbreak.  The title track is still my favourite, but the power and range of Stewart’s vocals in Homebody blew me away. I find myself air-drumming on my dashboard every time I drive around listening to this. It’s infectious.


Let’s go back to that conversation about stage presence for my third highlight, and talk about Lauren Jenkins. Payday is my final highlight this week. Jenkins absolutely blew me away when I saw her open for Brett Eldredge in February. She stood alone on stage with just a guitar and still matched the power, intensity and emotion of her full-band album recordings with each song. She’s another one who has been absolutely killing it with online performances throughout the various lockdowns and they’re definitely worth tuning in to.

Find the full playlist here.


One more down! These ladies will see you though the last week of November, for sure. Let me know your highlights, as always – and don’t forget to suggest your own playlist themes here!