Weekly Playlist #34: better now you're gone

When I first started to put this playlist together, I wanted to create something that said more than “I’m better without you.” I wanted a playlist that said “I’m better without you than I ever was with you.” I wanted it to say “I’m glad you’re gone, because now I can be me.”


To that end, let’s get straight into some highlights.


Miss Me More is an obvious highlight this week. It’s a song about finding yourself after an oppressive relationship, about being able to wear that lipstick and listen to that music again, because no one can tell you not to. In many ways, it’s the flagship song of the playlist – and if you ever needed a pick-me-up, a song to dance around in your underwear to – let this be it.


Leaving Looks Good On You is highlight #2 this week. This song has some absolutely beautiful guitar stabs and an absolute truck-load of sass. This is a boy, bye song if ever I heard one, and I love it.


Finally, It Didn’t is every bit as big, bold and brash as kicking that ex to the curb should be. I love the celebratory horns and Merlo’s huge voice. This isn’t a song about heartbreak, but about losing the heartbreak and falling in love with yourself again.


Find the full playlist here.



Well, we’re one more playlist deep into the year – fancy sharing your highlights with me? Find me on any of our socials and let me know your faves!