Weekly Playlist #36: country christmas classics


You chose classic for this week’s playlist, so I bring you: country christmas classics! This is a collection of my favourite renditions of holiday classics and carols. It was surprisingly tough to curate! I could easily have a playlist just for O Holy Night, for example. I wanted to include each song just once, so I had a tough time – and a lot of fun – trying to decide which ones to add!


So, for my highlights. I’ll Be Home For Christmas is absolutely gorgeous, and this rendition from Cam absolutely blew me away when I first heard it. It’s so simple and striking in its arrangement and production, and Cam’s stunning voice and vocal control really shines here.


Do You Hear What I Hear is my second highlight. This arrangement is absolutely perfect for Carrie Underwood’s voice, and the first time I heard this, I played it on repeat. It’s a song that I never really connected with before Underwood’s recording, but this version just brings me so much joy and makes me feel festive.


O Holy Night is my final highlight – one of my favourite traditional songs – and this new single from Gary Quinn and Sophie Hanson has already become one of my favourite renditions. I love the arrangement, with the cello and electric guitar, and I love the way Quinn’s and Hanson’s voices blend.



Find the full playlist here.


So, those were this week’s seasonal classics! Special shout out to our good friend Jess T who dropped a SURPRISE RELEASE of O Holy Night this morning and is currently at #4 in the UK country iTunes charts! If you don’t know Jess, she has the biggest heart in the world and a huge voice to match. Please blow this up! She deserves all the love in the world for this and she’s donating all proceeds from the single to the MIND mental health charity.


As always – I love hearing your thoughts! Let me know your favourite classics, and tell me your highlights from my list too! Find me on our socials or drop me a comment here.