I know it’s a little late this week, but forgive me – it’s Christmas! You chose more country christmas for this week’s playlist, which I think is quite appropriate – so let’s get on with the festivities.


My highlights this week are super fun. First up is White Christmas In Houston, which featured as one of our Christmas reviews earlier in the month.  This is just so much fun! It’s bold and bright for the season, and it’s about one of my favourite places on Earth. I couldn’t ask for more!


My second highlight is Jingle Bell Drunk, because RaeLynn is everything I aspire to. She’s sassy, she’s monstrously talented and this song is HILARIOUS. The story of this song sounds like a Netflix romcom I’d love to see. It has all the piano-driven hallmarks of a Christmas classic with RaeLynn’s signature Texas twang.


Finally, I’m highlighting Kassi Ashton’s Hard Candy Christmas. I think this is one of my favourite renditions. It’s a perfect showcase for Ashton’s voice and the rich, soulful side of her artistry.


Find the full playlist on Spotify.


Can you believe this is the last weekly playlist of the year?! Don’t worry, we’ll be back with plenty more in 2021 – don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to choose your weekly playlists, and to drop us a message on any of our socials to share your playlist highlights!


Happy holidays!