weekly playlist #39: i've been everywhere


Welcome to the first weekly playlist of 2021! This week, you chose i’ve been everywhere. With this one, I wanted to curate a collection of songs about different towns and cities and all the places you could go – if not for the global pandemic, of course.


It’s been so hard to choose highlights from this playlist because there are so many songs I genuinely adore. First up, though, has to be Tennessee Mojo. This is the first song I heard from The Cadillac Three’s first album back when they released it and I was immediately on board with it. This song has such an easy groove and the way TC3 blend rock and country with funk and soul is phenomenal. This song will always be one of my favourites on any playlist.


Oh, Atlanta takes the second spot. Alison Krauss has long been one of my favourite artists, and this song, in particular, is one which shows such versatility to her talent as a vocalist and musician. Along with Union Station, Krauss has carved a sparkling path in country and Americana music with such a distinctive sound. Krauss actually features twice on this playlist – providing backing vocals for Carolina Moon with Scotty McCreery!


Finally – and I was torn between three songs here – Courtenay takes the final highlight spot. It’s not a secret that Joey Clarkson is one of my best gal pals, and it’s also not a secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with her dreamy voice and the airiness of her music. This is my all-time favourite song of Joey’s, taken from her 2019 album The Year That Never Happened – it’s nostalgic, it’s homesick, it’s spreading your wings – all tied together with a little bit of wanderlust. This song (in fact, the whole album) never fails to soothe my mind when I’m feeling a little frazzled. I highly recommend it.


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That’s the first playlist of the year in the books! What are your highlights? Join the conversation on our socials and let us know!