Weekly Playlist #40: artists' choice


Twitter was unanimous this week in choosing artists’ choice as our 40th weekly playlist! This is a special playlist and one I’ve been putting together for a while – it’s unique in that each song has been selected by artists. For this, I asked artists to nominate their favourite song, or the song they’re most proud of, or the one that means the most to them – from their own setlist.


It’s so difficult to single out highlights this week, knowing the pride these artists take in these songs. But nevertheless, I persisted – and here we go.


Waiting For You is first on the list and my first highlight today. Emma Moore is one of the first artists I spoke to when this blog began, and I’m beyond grateful for her support and friendship. Emma is a fantastic vocalist and an even more amazing songwriter, and this song stops me in my tracks every time. I dare you NOT to feel something when you listen to this.


Two Heart Rendezvous is next. It’s such a hopeful song and one which never fails to make me smile. You know by now that I’m a sucker for some lovely harmonies and Tennessee Twin always delivers.


Finally, Raising Hell  – because I can’t get enough of Biddy Ronelle and her spectacular voice. No matter what Biddy sings, she has a sweet tone and outrageous power – her control and versatility are stunning and she gives me chills every single time. Every time.


Listen to the full playlist here.


We’re well on our way to a 2021 filled with even more new music. Follow us on our socials to stay up to date – and to choose which playlist to hear next week!